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About us

Nice to meet you, I'm Francesco Gozzini, behind this brand is the imaginative Luce and little Duccio who are my children, we started this new adventure that concerns all of us (in fact Duccio is convinced that there is also the Duccio❤️Love brand .. sooner or later we will have to give him an explanation or we will create a line just for him!!!). We live in Tuscany and are lovers of adventure travel.


I have been in the world of clothing for 20 years and often travel in the East, from my experience was born Luce Love, a strictly Made in Italy clothing line that gives a nod to the most sought-after traditions of the East, revisiting the famous "Qipao" with fabrics and western taste.


A Qipao is a garment that originated in China in the 16th Century, typically worn by prestigious families, its linear and elegant shape has undergone very few modifications since its conception. The version of Qipao most known to us today was developed in Shanghai in the '20s, with Chinese high class and celebrities to be thanked for its rapid and wide spread popularity.


The modern day Qipao is single-piece of garment, well fitted, and accentuated by small handmade buttons, and adorned with a stand collar. 


Luce Love is the one and only Italian brand to introduce this garment, made for mothers and daughters. We utilize organic fabric and delicate prints. 

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